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ITEAT Academy is an authentic Italian Cuisine school with all Italian Specialized staff members, from Chefs to products, from Italian Culture to Italian Design. ITEAT Academy offers a variety of courses: from basic student courses to Italian Haute Cuisine. Authentically done by Starred Chefs from Italy for chefs / executive Chefs who would like to specialize in Italian as well as Mediterranean Cuisine. All courses have the know-how and skills of Italian Cuisine from an academic point of view, from cooking techniques to the technology we make use of,from history to the traditional recipes, and from local products to a sensory analysis. Our aim; “We respect the high-quality ingredients which are expertly transformed into light, innovative dishes that remain loyal to Italian roots. It is a type of cuisine that revisits and renovates the great classics.”

italian food in the plural

“Cooking” is a noun which should more easily be able to accompany the adjective that refers to our country. By overemphasizing, we can say that good cooking is either Italian or non-existent at all.
Italian cooking, however, does exist; it is both renowned and recognized throughout the world, because Italians, as everyone knows, are all pizza and spaghetti!
Yet, if Italian cooking is taken as a fixed unitary model, classified with precise rules, and valid in the north and south, in the east and west, in the countryside and in the city, throughout social classes, cultural groups and, above all, throughout history, we can then realize it has never really existed. Though it is obvious to say that a variety of cuisines, linked to the territory, availability and demands, has developed and will continue to develop throughout Italy, even if it only has to do with their raw materials.
If considered as a network of know-how and activities or a knowledge of products and recipes coming from different cities and regions, then an Italian culinary style has actually existed since the Middle Ages. It developed in the cities which focused on and re-elaborated the food culture found in the countryside.
At that time, it started circulating thanks to markets and the movement of people, goods, and books. Bread, wine and oil, symbols of the Roman agricultural civilization, were combined with meat, milk, lard and butter, symbols of the ‘Barbarian’ civilization, resulting from the forest more than from agriculture. Italian cooking was the final result of this.

* University of Turin Department of Historical Studies


  • MQA Approved courses
  • Theory, practical and work placement
  • free course togheter with a salary paid by the hrdc
  • Advanced courses recognised by Italian professional schools
  • Possibility of continuing your studies in Italy (circular migration scheme recognized by Italian food professionals
  • internship in the best italian restaurant in Mauritius & in italy


  • MQA Approved courses
  • HRDC course refundable up to 70%
  • with best starred chefs 
  • Masterclass, show cooking, workshop 
  • custom courses & professional program courses


  • custom cooking class or iteat cooking class program
  • culinary experience
  • Private lessons
  • Thematic lessons
  • Parents & kids


  • catering & banqueting
  • personal chef/starred chef & chef at home
  • team building, hen party & custom cooking course
  • italian party & vip guest
  • consultant & restaurant management
  • chef recruitment – chef sharing
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