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Pizza Masterclass: Authentic Italian Pizza

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ACCADEMIA PIZZAIOLI The only one certificated, the only one recognized world wide, specialized in high level PIZZA training, exclusive partnership with ITEAT Academy EXPERIENCE founder of the first pizza school in the world! over 30 years ago! INTERNATIONAL QUALITY CERTIFICATIONS: our school get two international quality certifications related to the provision of training courses: UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 and UNI ISO 29990: 2011, which are confirmed each year by a external and independent company, to guarantee the goodness of the work done. Attending the course for pizza chefs in Accademia means relying on the most authoritative and competent partner in the world of pizza and catering. QUALITY OF INSTRUCTORS: best instructors pizza, European and world champions. HACCP CERTIFICATION SITE AVAILABILITY: we have more than 100 locations worldwide! 2 certificates DELIVERED – validity of the attestation Italian certificate by Accademia Pizzaioli that we issue at the end of the course is internationally valid, therefore it has the widest possible recognition. it is issued directly from the national headquarters with the autograph and original signature of the president of Accademia, inventor of the schools for pizza makers Mauritian certificate by ITEAT Academy is MQA approved ASSESMeNT & COMPETITION Students complete a simple learning verification test related to the concepts of theory carried out in the program: dough and cooking. Each student will prepare his pizza with ingredients

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